Pia, may bagong ‘twin’?!

Who is Jach Manere to Queen Pia?

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/23/2018 in News
Pia, may bagong ‘twin’?!

It looks like Pia Wurtzbach has another twin! 😆 

“Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 6” contestant Jach Manere is almost identical to our beloved Miss Universe 2015. 

Don’t believe it? See for yourself! 

The Pinay model posted a series of photos last June 19 with Pia at her side - so check them out and tell us what you think. 


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“Mirror Selfie. #ohayannakayoangkukulitnyo #therereallyisjustoneperson #itsamirrorselfie #wemetagain #winkwink” she wrote in her caption. 

Netizens were thrilled to see the two together, commenting that they could pass as sisters and even twins! 

Pia herself commented that she was, “Seeing double.” 😆 

You have to admit - the second and third photos make it hard to deny. 😉

Finding look-alikes of our dearest queen is not uncommon. A young woman named Glenn Krishnan went viral back in 2016 when people discovered she looked just like Pia. 

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Pia was most recently part of the Cathy Garcia-Molina film “My Perfect You” opposite Gerald Anderson. 

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