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Oxygen please! Isang matinding kiligan with DonKiss ❤️

Gusto mo ba malaman ano ang first impression, song for each each other at best thing about having each other for DonKiss? 😍

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

6/23/2018 in News
Oxygen please! Isang matinding kiligan with DonKiss ❤️

Ready na ba ang heart mo for unlimited kilig? 😍

In our latest episode of Star Cinema Chat, we give you one of the most requested love teams, DonKiss, composed of Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin.

Of course, the first part was for "Walwal"-related questions.

Brace yourselves because the second part was meant to feed your heart with unlimited kilig! ❤️

We asked Donny and Kisses to interview each other using the questions we prepared for them.

Their first impression for each other, the song that reminds them of each other, the best thing about having each other, all that and more here.

Watch the full episode here:

Kaya pa ng DonKiss heart mo? Ilang beses ka ngumiti sa episode? Comment below! 😍

Eto pa pampakilig oh!

EXCLUSIVE: Kisses, 'walang pake' - and Donny likes it! ❤

EXCLUSIVE: Get kilig over Kisses' new discoveries about Donny!

EXCLUSIVE! Kisses at Donny, nagde-date na nga ba?

Hindi mo kakayanin ang birthday message ni Donny para kay Kisses! 

Meanwhile, catch more of Kisses and Donny "kilig" moments in their upcoming film "Walwal" with Elmo Magalona, Kiko Estrada, Jerome Ponce, Sophia Senoron, Devon Seron, and Jane De Leon.

The ultimate barkada movie of the year is centered on a group of four friends – Dondi (Elmo), Intoy (Jerome), Marco (Kiko), and Bobby (Donny), who have forged their unbreakable friendship in high school and are now sophomores in college. 

Dondi, Intoy, Marco, and Bobby are bound together by the wealth of their past experiences and their natural love for the good times. 

The boys share a kinship so close to each other that they will do anything to protect each other as they traverse the most critical period of their adulthood. 

Unbeknownst to them is that sophomore year in college is a pivotal phase in their lives as each of them will be confronted with a major dilemma that would determine their sense of direction for the rest of their lives.

Portraying the boy’s love interests are Kisses Delavin (Ruby), Devon Seron (Trina), Jane De Leon (Carla), and Sofia Senoron (Shelby).

Together, they will give “walwal” a whole new meaning as they define it as means to show each other unconditional support as they face their problems and struggles in life. That at the end of the day, they have each other’s back – kapag WALang-WALa na sila sa buhay, karamay nila ang isa’t-isa.

"Walwal," directed by Jose Javier Reyes, will be out in cinemas starting June 27!