Sue, may bagong ‘baby’?!

Kilalanin ang bagong "baby" ni Sue Ramirez!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/22/2018 in News
Sue, may bagong ‘baby’?!

Sue Ramirez’ furry family has a new addition! 

“Got a new baby 😍😍😍” Sue tweeted along with a photo of herself driving with a cute puppy in her lap. “What to name him?” 

Just look at how cute it is! 

She opened up a poll on her Twitter page for people to vote on the name of her newest baby. Her many choices were brought down to the seven names she put in the poll - Popo, Kookie, George, Ben, Burger, Toby, and Gucci. As of writing this article, the polls have closed and Kookie and Gucci were the most voted choices. 

Which name will Sue pick? 

Sue has two other pets, another dog and one cat. 


Mommy loves you both so much 💕

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The 21-year-old actress recently finished her first stint as a leading lady in the afternoon soap “Hanggang Saan” opposite Arjo Atayde. 

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