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  • Sa wakas, pamilya ni Cristalle Belo, nakauwi na galing ospital! 🏡

Sa wakas, pamilya ni Cristalle Belo, nakauwi na galing ospital! 🏡

Cristalle's husband got the best Father’s Day gift!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/21/2018 in News
Sa wakas, pamilya ni Cristalle Belo, nakauwi na galing ospital! 🏡

After three weeks in the hospital, Baby Hunter James was finally allowed to go home! 

New mom Cristalle Belo shared the good news last June 19 through an Instagram post that paid her husband Justin Pitt tribute for Father’s Day. 

“The past few days have been so crazy that I haven’t had time to pay tribute to this amazing dad that stuck with us through it all,” she wrote in her caption. “He was my shoulder to cry on when I felt helpless (when Hunter got an infection) or frustrated (when Hunter wouldn’t latch).” 

“He is the master swaddler, carrier and diaper changer. He even played it cool when I know that he was scared and worried as hell,” she continued. “I wouldn’t have been able to pull through without you, Justin (@justinpitt77). Thank you for being the best father #HunterJamesPitt could have. We love you! 💋” 

The post has a video of Justin pushing Baby Hunter’s stroller out of the hospital and Cristalle saying, “Look who’s going home! It’s the best Father’s Day gift, right, Justin?” to which her husband smiled at the camera. 💕 

It also has videos of Justin expertly swaddling his son in a blanket and of him gently carrying Baby Hunter to his momma while connected to various hospital machinery. 

Looks like Justin’s taken to fatherhood like a duck to water! 👏 

The daughter of Vicki Belo gave birth to their first child prematurely last May. They’ve been at the hospital for weeks while Baby Hunter further developed his lungs with the doctors’ care. It was only last June 15 that the young boy was released from NICU. 

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