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Bianca, binanatan (with class) ang basher ni Mariel!

#Goals kung sumagot si Bianca sa mga basher!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/21/2018 in News
Bianca, binanatan (with class) ang basher ni Mariel!

When Mariel Rodriguez made her TV comeback on the noontime show “It’s Showtime” last June 18, people were thrilled to have her back. Blogger and host Bianca Gonzalez was especially happy for her friend’s return that she watched the show live at the studio!

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“I am so happy to be here LIVE for your first day back at work!! So proud of you, Mariel (@marieltpadilla)!! Love you!! ❤” she wrote in her caption.

But as it turns out, not everyone were happy to see Mariel back.

Bianca’s post garnered the attention of one netizen, in particular, that wasn’t pleased about the host’s return.

“Ngek, sa palagay mo siya ang magpapataas ng ratings ng ‘It’s Showtime’? 🙄 Marami ngang tao na ‘di na siya gusto eh, just saying,” the netizen commented.

Another netizen came to Mariel’s defense, and Bianca couldn’t help but praise their response.

The first netizen wasn’t hindered from expressing their opinion that Mariel is “laos” and “feeling sikat”, going so far as attacking the other netizen and even Bianca.

This basher continued to tirade all over the comments section of the post, arguing and replying to others that tried to reason with her. It was hours later that Bianca made another comment.

“GUUUUURL, ang dami ko nang nagawang work, errands, at quality time sa family - nandito ka pa rin after 13 hours!” Bianca replied. “I am sure madaming mas importanteng pagtuunan ng atensyon, energy, at focus mo. Use all that passion to be more productive with things you want to do with your life. Kaya mo ‘yan girl! 💯” 

Well said, Bianca! 👏 

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