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Asawa ng lalaking fan na nag-I LOVE YOU kay Vice, nag-react!

"Nahampas ko ASAWA ko!" sigaw ng asawa ng fan na nag-I Love You kay Vice!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

6/20/2018 in News
Asawa ng lalaking fan na nag-I LOVE YOU kay Vice, nag-react!

Talagang pang-international ang kasikatan at ganda ni Meme Vice Ganda!



In his recent viral video on Twitter, the Phenomenal Star has once again made his fans residing in Vancouver, Canada happy with his existence during a random encounter.

Uploaded by (@MalditangKarel - https://twitter.com/ MalditangKarel) on her Twitter account, the video shows three Filipino men just casually roaming around the streets of Vancouver in their car when suddenly one of them saw Vice about to cross the street in front of them.

Guy at the backseat: "Si Vice Ganda boy oh!"
Guy in blue tuxedo: "Saan?"
Guy at the backseat: "Ayan oh!"
Guy in blue tuxedo: "Vice Ganda! Vice Ganda!"

The Phenomenal Star heard him and waved back.

"I love you!" the guy in blue tuxedo shouted.

Still on cloud nine about what just happened, the guy in blue tuxedo hoped that their car's dashboard camera was able to capture this rare moment.

Guy in blue tuxedo: "Na-video-han ko 'to dito"
Guy in shades: Kailan 'yung show?
Guy in blue tuxedo: "Bukas. T^=* &!% nakita natin (si Vice). Kailangan ko i-save 'to... Ay hindi naka-on. P^%$# @"*? hindi naka-on."

This encounter probably happened last May 5 because May 6 was Vice's concert in Vancouver.



Malditang Karel, the one who posted the video, is the wife of the guy in blue tuxedo who said "I Love You" to Vice.



Her caption is so funny and like so us, in general.

"'Yung ASAWA kong napa-I Love You kay @vicegandako habang nagmomodeling si Mamsh sa Vancouver! Nahampas ko ASAWA ko! Hindi sa selos o galit. Kundi sa INGGIT! 😂"



Nakakainggit naman talaga 'di ba? :>

Vice saw this and quoted the tweet.



Such a beautiful soul. ❤

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