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Promising young actor, pasok sa Bea-Aga movie!

Hint: He's a former “PBB” housemate 😉

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/18/2018 in News
Promising young actor, pasok sa Bea-Aga movie!

Bea Alonzo and Aga Muhlach have a new co-star in their upcoming film!

Can you guess who it is? 😏 

Well, we won’t leave you hanging - it’s none other than Edward Barber! 🙌 

Kent Donguines, a producer and cinematographer based in Vancouver, Canada, shared a photo of Edward with lead actor Aga while shooting on location on his Instagram last June 16.


A post shared by Kent Donguines (@kentdonguines) on

“What a great day for Day 7! Watch out for Edward (@edward_barber) and Aga (@agamuhlach317) on Paul Soriano's (@paulsoriano1017) next film!” he wrote in his caption.

The former “Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7” housemate also has a photo with lead actress Bea, this time shared by Shayne McRae of Alta Visuals.

But wait! He’s not the only one joining the cast of the anticipated film! Actress and model G Tongi is also part of the cast and plays the mother of Edward’s character.

“Meet my ‘film’ son Edward (@edward_barber), who I had the privilege of working with on set. He’s one gwaping kid going places!” she wrote in her caption.

G also thanked Direk Paul for including her in his newest project.

“That’s a wrap! Thanks Paul (@paulsoriano1017) for having me come to Vancouver to be a part of your film! It was fun to be a part of the production!” she wrote.

And thanks to these new sources - Kent Donguine and Shayne Rae - we have more behind-the-scenes photos of Bea and Aga in action!


I would like to start by saying it's been an absolute pleasure working with you and the rest of the crew so far. No matter the problems we face throughout the day everyone always has a smile on their face. We are all different people from around the world brought together by the same passion for filmmaking. This is what I live for. . For those of you who dont know what's going on here in vancouver... a Phillipines production has sent an entire team of stars to film a portion of their feature film here in vancity. From lead actors to camera operators, they are all elite! I was hired through a Vancouver production company to be their pilot in command and bts media creator. I'm still in disbelief even after working for almost a week already. I'm extremely excited to see where the road ahead takes me. . Don't ever forget this simple principle: let your passion be your driving force. Your success and money and whatever other wants you may have will all come with that. If you're truly happy with what you're doing, work becomes play, and the money becomes a bonus. Focus on whats truly important and all the other worries go away. That is drive. Use it. . I'll finish this insanely long post off by saying I feel extremely blessed for everything. What's been done, what's happening, and what's to come. I'll keep everyone updated over the next few weeks. Things are moving fast. . One love🌄🤘

A post shared by Shayne McRae (@altavisuals) on

We just can’t wait for this film! 😍 

With Edward now part of the cast, will his love team partner Maymay Entrata also be part of the film?

He and Maymay were most recently part of the Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang led horror-comedy film “DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away” while G was last part of the 2013 film “Must Be… Love” starring Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla.  

This film is a joint production of ABS-CBN Films, Star Cinema, Viva Films, and TEN17p. It’s set to hit theatres nationwide soon!

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