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8 memorable Dads in Star Cinema movies

Happy father's day to these unforgettable Star Cinema Dads!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/17/2018 in News
8 memorable Dads in Star Cinema movies

Ah, Star Cinema Dads. They are the unsung heroes of every movie, they're always there to offer love, support, and the best pieces of advice for love problems. Today, as we celebrate Father's Day, we honor 8 of Star Cinema movies' most memorable fathers and the distinguished actors who breathed life into them.

1. Al Tantay in "The Love Affair"



Al plays Pancho in "The Love Affair", an imperfect father who continuously showed unconditional love for his equally imperfect daughter Adie, portrayed by Bea Alonzo.

2. Ronaldo Valdez in "Seven Sundays"



Ronaldo plays Tatay Manuel in "Seven Sundays", a man who faked a disease just so he can spend more time with his grown children. Try not to cry in his clip above!

3. Al Tantay in "The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin"



Al, in his second entry in this list, is Tatay Bino in "The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin", where he plays the kind of Dad who shows his love to his children by guiding them in the right direction.

4. Piolo Pascual in "Northern Lights: A Journey to Love"



Piolo's Charlie Sr. in "Northern Lights" might be the definition of a flawed character, but in the end, his journey from boy to man was prompted by his desire to be the best father he could be. Nothing could be as heartwarming as that.  

5. Ricky Davao in "Just The Way You Are"



Daddy Arthur, played with perfection by Ricky, was the kind of dad who didn't shy away from teaching his daughter a valuable lesson about love: that it's worth it, worth the risk, worth the mistakes, worth the pain.

6. Zanjoe Marudo in "My Illegal Wife"



"My Illegal Wife" might be a spoof film, but Zanjoe still gave us a tearjerking performance as Henry, a father who lowered his pride to learn from his mistakes.

7. Tirso Cruz III in "Ex with Benefits"



Daddy Jimmy, played by Tirso, is just the kind of Dad we all wish we had. He's kind, he's wise, he's understanding, and he just wants the best for his daughter, even though said daughter wants to get back together with a bad ex. No judgments, just love.

8. Ricky Davao in "Barcelona: A Love Untold"



Ricky plays the truly unforgettable Robert in "Barcelona", the quintessential disappointed Filipino Dad. But he comes around for Kathryn Bernardo's Mia in the end, and their reunion will make your eyes prick.

Who is your favorite Star Cinema Dad? Tell us in the comments section below!

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