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These actors could be real-life fathers and sons!

Who could pass as these actors’ sons?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/15/2018 in News
These actors could be real-life fathers and sons!

Don’t you ever see a person and feel like they could be related to someone else you know because they look so alike?

That happens a lot in showbiz too, and there are some actors who could pass as actual fathers and sons without question, and you’d just be amazed at the resemblance!

Take a look at some of them:

1. Albert Martinez and Daniel Padilla

With their same sharp features, anyone who doesn’t know them would definitely think they’re related! Albert has also played Daniel’s dad in the 2017 movie “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”



2. Ian Veneracion and Enrique Gil

Yup, you can’t miss Ian and Enrique’s irresistible mestizo looks! They look like one of those father-son duos who could capture any girl’s heart, any time, anywhere.



3. Jericho Rosales and Donny Pangilinan

Both huge heartthrobs in their generations, Jericho and Donny are the tall, dark, and handsome ideals we need in our lives!



4. Dominic Ochoa and Joshua Garcia

They both have the good boy vibe, the puppy dog eyes, and the stellar acting skills to boot! We need a father and son scene between these two, stat!



5. Aga Muhlach and Edward Barber

Again with the mestizo looks! Give it a few years and Edward would be a dead-ringer for Aga! Need proof? The matinee idol looks exactly like the “Pinoy Big Brother” alum when he was younger!


6. Piolo Pascual and Marco Gallo

Piolo and Marco both have those deep brown eyes that’ll make you swoon! The resemblance is so uncanny it’ll have you thinking how it’s possible they’re NOT related!



Tell us in the comments who else you think could pass as real-life fathers and sons!

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