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Maris Racal, Bela Padilla inakusahang ‘liberated’!

Maris: “Wearing less does not make you less of a person.”

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

6/15/2018 in News
Maris Racal, Bela Padilla inakusahang ‘liberated’!

Maris Racal and Bela Padilla aren’t staying quiet against “close minded” bashers.

The actresses were both accused of being “liberated”, a word used in a negative and sexist context by conservative circles within Filipino culture, by Twitter user @bataman1422 in a series of statements last June 13. The netizen wrote, “Kakasama mo kay Bela mukhang nagiging liberated ka na rin ha. Sana naman tutal mas matanda siya sa’yo, sana i-guide ka sa tama hindi ‘yung sa mali?”



The netizen also compared the “Bloody Crayons” actress to her BFF, fellow “Pinoy Big Brother” alum, Loisa Andalio in a tweet addressed to their handler Nhila Mallari.

“Need niyo kausapin [si Maris], nagiging liberated na yata ang bata. Remind niyo ulit siya kung saan siya galing at kung ano dapat asal ng isang kabataan…buti pa si Loisa hindi nagbabago, ganoon pa rin siya kung ano [siya] sa ‘PBB’. ‘Yung pagbabago ni Loisa for the better…mas ok si Loisa compared kay Maris [na] parang naging wild at liberated, umarte pa siya.”



With a cutting reply, Maris squashed the basher’s claims, demanding that she not be compared to her contemporaries, especially since she’s doing nothing wrong.

She wrote, “Stop comparing. People have differences. It’s just that I was invited to an event where showing some skin is required. So I did.”

“Wearing less does not make you less of a person,” Maris pressed.



Earlier today, June 15, the ever-outspoken Bela took to Twitter to also address the issue and proudly reclaimed the true meaning of “liberated”, pointing out that there is nothing wrong with “a woman who is free to express herself through her art and makes a decent living enough for her to enjoy and see the world.”

“I grew up in a household where that term shouldn’t be attached to a woman. But I checked out what it really means and yes, I am free from social conventions and traditional ideas,” she enthused, “[to that] uptight and self righteous basher...there’s a whole world outside, not just the dark one festering away in your head.”



Bela and Maris’s friendship first blossomed when they both joined a Siargao clean-up initiative last April.



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