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Kendra at Scarlett Kramer, negosyante na!

Who says age matter for business? No, no, no! Not for Kendra and Scarlett!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

6/15/2018 in News
Kendra at Scarlett Kramer, negosyante na!

Teach 'em young. ❤️

Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer's beautiful daughters, Kendra (8 years old) and Scarlett (6 years old), are now businesswomen.





At a young age, these two, of course, with the help of their supportive parents, are already building of what can be the next big business in the fashion industry.



Yesterday, June 14, Daddy Doug proudly announced that Kendra and Scarlett now have their own collection of bows and ribbons which will be open for orders starting June 20.



A post shared by Doug Kramer (@dougkramer) on


"Guys, I'm so proud to announce that Kendra and Scarlett already have their very own bows and ribbons collection! Proudly local!

"We will announce soon where you can purchase them for your little girls. We'll price them kindly. :)

It will come in different sizes and colors!

"Pls follow @KendraAndScarlettBows to see more pics and stay updated! 😍😍" his caption reads.



Chesca is also a proud and hands-on momma. ❤️



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Check out some of their designs here:











So pretty! ❤️



Congratulations and good luck on this new journey, baby Kramers. 😘

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