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‘Kailan pa kuminang ang dandruff?’ Sue, hindi inurungan ang bashers!

Hindi papatalo si Sue sa mga bumabatikos sa kanya!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

6/14/2018 in News
‘Kailan pa kuminang ang dandruff?’ Sue, hindi inurungan ang bashers!

Sue Ramirez isn’t going to sit silently while bashers keep throwing negativity her way.

The host-actress started getting more hate since she cut her hair last week, and one netizen even said she had a lot of dandruff peeking through her short hair, which were really just hair glitters.

“It's called glitter, dear,” she said. “Kailan pa kuminang ang dandruff?”



Sue proceeded to write about how a lot of people have become obsessed with pointing out people's mistakes, instead of trying to be respectful and focus on the good things instead.





“Does it really make you happy when you make others feel sad?” she asked. “Imbis na maghanap tayo ng mapagaawayan, bakit hindi nalang tayo maghanap ng mapagkakasunduan?”







And because she was criticized for “engaging” a basher, Sue explained that it’s only natural for her to defend herself from the negative things thrown her way. After all, she’s also a human being.

“We cry, we get mad, we cuss, we fart, we slip, we fall, we fail, we make mistakes, we eat, we poop, we work, we get nevous, we get tired, we have problems… we have bad days just like all of you. But why does it seem so bad when we show these emotions?” she said.



And apart from defending herself, Sue also gave her thoughts on the controversy surrounding Ricci Rivero, who lost his cool when a fan asked for a selfie with him.

“He’s human,” she said. “Everyone has bad days.”



Sue starred in the daytime series “Hanggang Saan” this year.

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