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Gretchen challenges bashers: 'Grant chemotherapy, grant dialysis?'

Gretchen and her friends decided to stop their wish-granting activity online. Why?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

6/14/2018 in News
Gretchen challenges bashers: 'Grant chemotherapy, grant dialysis?'

Actress Gretchen Barretto and non-showbiz friends Patty Pineda and Mimi Que have decided to discontinue the wish-granting pursuit they do on social media.

In a story by PEP yesterday, June 13, Gretchen said, "We are going to bid goodbye not because we are… not because we are gonna back down, but because marami po ang mga tao na nadadamay rito."

Gretchen, Patty, and Mimi were recently under fire for a viral video of them laughing at the request of one of their letter senders. Some netizens found it insensitive for them to laugh after reading the problems of the letter sender. 

The sender have already spoken on the issue and admitted that her letter was indeed funny, and thanked Gretchen and her friends for granting her request.

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Gretchen continued, "Kung ako lang po siguro… by now, alam niyo po na I am made of steel. I may cry once in a while, but a lot of times, I can be very, very strong also. Pinagtibay na talaga ako ng panahon."

The "Magkaribal" actress emphasized that she can take all the attacks directed to her, but she since it includes her friends, she would not tolerate it. 

"Sanay na po ako sa bashing. Galing po ako sa show business. I worked at age 12. A lot of bashing has been made already. Binash tayong tatlo… they did not understand. Iba ang humor namin, pero tunay kaming kakaiba. Akala nila minock namin," she shared.

Gretchen then said that they will still continue helping those in need, saying, "Hindi ho kami hihinto sa pagtulong sa mga tao. Hindi nga lang sa Instagram followers."

Gretchen Barretto: ‘Kabit po ako.’

The Barretto sister also understands why some netizens felt that if she really wants to help others, she doesn't have to share it online. 

Gretchen said, "So let’s do it the other way around. We will be quiet as possible. We are grateful that our IG followers also gave us the chance to be able to be a blessing to them, to be of help."

She then posed a challenge for all the netizens who bashed them:

"Sa inyong nagmamagaling na mga bashers, take on whatever we have started. I challenge you… everyone, each and everyone of you who are bashing me. I hope you can take on the challenge each time you bash me. Why don’t you try and do what we are doing: grant chemotherapy, grant dialysis?"

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