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Lucy Torres has 4 words to describe Marco Gallo

Lucy, ibinunyag ang payo kay Juliana pagdating sa pag-ibig!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

6/1/2018 in News
Lucy Torres has 4 words to describe Marco Gallo

Actress and politician Lucy Torres-Gomez spoke about her daughter Juliana’s ties to former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Marco Gallo in a recent interview with PEP. 

“I’ve met Marco many times,” she shared. “He has been nothing but respectful and nice.” 

“He’s funny, and he’s such a cute boy,” she added. 

Rumors about Juliana and Marco’s alleged relationship started back in April when fans began to notice how cozy they look when they’re together and sparked anew when the two went to prom together. 


And find the place where every single thing you see tells you to stay.

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“I’m very glad that he was the one who took Juliana out to her prom,” Lucy said. “I know that they had a good time. Their pictures were so cute. They look so cute together.” 

She revealed that she encouraged her daughter to take photos as something to look back on in the future. 

“I tell Juliana kasi, ‘Somewhere down the road, when you’re old already, you’ll wanna look back at times and you’ll wanna see pictures. You’ll wanna be able to smile when you remember that time you had,’” she explained. 

Lucy shared that she and Juliana openly talked about boys at home. 

“We're not very restrictive at home really,” she said. “I think that the years I’ve invested in my daughter, spending time with her, I’m really reaping because we have an open relationship.” 

When asked how they discuss matters of the heart, the Leyte Representative said, “Casual lang. Why make something that’s perfectly normal and nice as something bad or wrong or malicious?” 

“[But] I always tell her, ‘Don’t make your world so small,’” she added. 

She then reacted to the possibility of her daughter falling in love. 

“I’m not scared of anyone ever falling in love,” she said. “Falling in love is such a beautiful thing. Every young person goes through it.” 

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