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Daniel, nahihirapan sa LDR nila ni Karolina?

Handa na bang pakasalan ni Daniel si Karolina?

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

5/4/2018 in News
Daniel, nahihirapan sa LDR nila ni Karolina?
"Amazing. I've never been this happy in my life." 
That's what Daniel Matsunaga feels about his current relationship with Polish model girlfriend Karolina Pisarek.
At the "Pinoy Big Brother" special screening of "DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away," yesterday, May 3, Daniel admitted that they are challenged by the long-distance relationship. 
"It is complicated because we miss each other so much, but at the same time, it makes you stronger," the hunk-actor said, adding that they talk every day and are both always looking forward to the next time they will see each other. 
Daniel shared that the two of them have been pretty good at adjusting to each other's situation. 
"It's something that we really need to adjust to each other because of timing. My girlfriend travels a lot. She's in Miami now. Time difference is a big thing in our relationship, but we always adjust to each other, support each other, and it's all about trust, faith," he said. 
When asked about what he likes most about Karolina, he answered, "Everything. Personality, she's very appreciative, super bait, super pretty, lahat nasa kanya." 
So, has he proposed to Karolina yet?
"I haven't proposed. Hopefully soon (laughs)," Daniel said.
There is no definite date yet, but Daniel believes they will get there. "Yeah, of course. Bago lang kami, eight months pa lang kami, but yeah we're going that way for sure. You know I love her so much."