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#KiligMVP: Everything that happened on Ricci Rivero’s ‘ASAP Chillout’ guesting

Nagselos nga ba si Edward kay Ricci sa “ASAP Chillout”?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/28/2018 in #KILIGMVP
#KiligMVP: Everything that happened on Ricci Rivero’s ‘ASAP Chillout’ guesting

Newest University of the Philippines Fighting Maroon (and overall cutie!) Ricci Rivero was on “ASAP Chillout” yesterday, May 27, and there was an abundance of kilig just because of his presence alone.

Here we compiled everything that happened on his “Chillout” guesting, and these cute Ricci moments are sure to give you the happy boost you need this Monday!

1. He shared a few (useful) facts about himself

Any information about our crushes is always welcome, and Ricci gamely shared some fun facts that us fans should take note of: His showbiz crush is Kathryn Bernardo, while his favorite food is sinigang. The first thing he does in the morning his send Snap Streaks, while he ALWAYS prays before he closes his eyes at night.


2. Edward Barber was “selos” of him

Throughout the guesting, “Chillout” hosts Donny Pangilinan and Markus Paterson were teasing Ricci to Maymay Entrata. It looks like her love team partner Edward got a little “jealous,” as he suddenly interrupted Maymay from asking what Ricci looks for in a girl.

What’s even more hilarious? Ricci’s answer seemingly pointed to the “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” big winner!

“Simple, sporty, and ‘yung not so white,” he said.

Oops, Edward! Bantayan na si Maymay! Charot!

But there’s no need for MayWard fans to worry, as Ricci also gets kilig over the love team!

“Hands down to #MayWard sobrang cute nila together!!! I’m a fan!” he wrote on his Twitter account.

3. He danced the Katchi Challenge

Parang given na nakakakilig kahit ano’ng gawin ni Ricci, pero ito talaga ang pinaka-cute at pinaka-nakakakilig!


Now we’re even more excited to watch Ricci play in the UAAP’s 81st season!

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