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Kawawa: Elisse, target ng bashers!

Elisse also hints at status of love team with McCoy

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/26/2018 in News
Kawawa: Elisse, target ng bashers!

Despite all the blessings she’s been receiving recently, Elisse Joson still feels down because of all the hate being thrown her way.

The young actress shared on Twitter last night, May 25, that she has to stand up for herself because all the hate has been breaking her inside.

“Everything given to me is a blessing. This now is a blessing for me. But why do I sometimes feel like I have to feel bad for such blessing? I shouldn’t. Kasi lahat ng ‘to pinag-pray ko lang dati,” she said.

Elisse currently stars in the weekend fantaserye “Wansapanataym: Offishially Yours” alongside BoybandPH. The project has caused some unrest among her fans with love team partner McCoy de Leon.

Because of it, the “Pinoy Big Brother Lucky Season 7” alum asked her fans for their understanding, and asked them to stop the bashing.

“You’re hurting because you feel that, that one thing you’re standing up for is being brought down. I get it. But hurting shouldn’t give you the satisfaction to hurt others,” she said. “I am speaking up for myself, standing up for myself. Because I have been waking up, breaking. Tear me up some more, I have finally let my walls down.”

Elisse ended the thread by saying nothing has been “ended,” especially her team-up with McCoy.

“Nothing ended, so why all the hurtful words? I wish us peace and being kind to one another,” she said.

Elisse and McCoy worked in the primetime series “The Good Son” this year.

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