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Mocha and Agot: from online squabbles to senatorial showdown?

We might see Agot Isidro and Mocha Uson as Senate hopefuls in 2019. What's your take?

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

5/25/2018 in News
Mocha and Agot: from online squabbles to senatorial showdown?

The 2019 mid-term elections is months away, and rumor has it that we might bear witness to a political fistfight between Mocha Uson and Agot Isidro, two controversial figures in opposing sides in the current political sphere.

Mocha, a Pangasinan-bred entertainer best known for her work in Mocha Girls, her unforgettable cameo in the modern classic “Four Sisters and a Wedding”, and of course, for running a “political blog” where she expresses her pro-President Rodrigo Duterte opinions. The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Asec. is allegedly being tapped for a seat in Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (or PDP-Laban)’s adult table, even though she was absent from the ruling party’s official line-up, released back in March.

Agot, on the other hand, boasts a decorated career as veteran screen, television and stage actress that spans nearly three decades. A staunch Duterte critic, she is currently being courted by the Liberal Party and its leader Senator Kiko Pangilinan, in a campaign to increase female leaders in the Senate. 

However, if everything pans out and we do indeed see these two women running against each other in 2019, we can’t say that it’s the first time we’ll see them battle it out. Mocha and Agot have, let’s just say, history:

1. “The MoRon” mess

Looking back, this was neither Mocha nor Agot’s best moment.

The “MoRon” controversy began when a meme of a “partnership” (see: love team) between Mocha and actor Baron Geisler began making rounds online shortly after news broke that Baron had urinated on his “Bubog” co-star Ping Medina. 

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Agot had reposted the meme in a now-deleted Facebook post, and in a comment said, “Panalo 'di ba?”

Mocha’s retaliation? This:

2. The “psychopath” confrontation

This online argument was set off when Agot called President Duterte a “psychopath” after he made some controversial statements against the United Nations, which criticized the War on Drugs and its violations against human rights laws. 

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Mocha took a swipe at Agot after, implying that she’s only taking an anti-Duterte stance because of her “friendship” with Vice President Leni Robredo, who also doesn't have the smoothest of relations with the president.  

Mocha would later be quoted in an interview saying "I respect Miss Agot Isidro" but urging her to talk to people to know their thoughts about the changes happening in the country.

What's your take on this? Sound off in the comments section below!

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