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WATCH: Barbie, napaupo kay JM + more JuanBie BTS goodness

Proof that the "Araw Gabi" cast are total JuanBie shippers

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/24/2018 in News
WATCH: Barbie, napaupo kay JM + more JuanBie BTS goodness

If you haven’t hopped onto the “Araw Gabi” train yet, then here’s a little something something that will definitely turn you into a stan.

In a series of behind-the-scenes Instagram Stories grabbed by fans (and that has since spread all over social media), we see the “Araw Gabi” cast JM de Guzman, Barbie Imperial, Jai Agpangan, Alexa Miro, and Joshua Colet having a grand old time playing around at the afternoon show's set, squeezed into, ahem, Sir Adrian’s car. 

But yo know what they say, ano ngayon kung siksikan when you’re in good company?

Sobrang siksikan actually that the supporting cast eventually shoved Barbie into JM's lap. Ayieee! Parang high school lang!

Asus! Ang lalanduchi! <3 

But Barbie isn’t just bringing us kilig, she also flexed her considerable pap skills because thanks to her, we got to see this precious video of JM executing some very awkward dance movies. What a treat, truly!

And if that’s not enough JuanBie adorableness for you, then you can watch “Araw Gabi” on weekdays during the Kapamilya Gold afternoon block, and obsess all over it like the rest of us. 


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