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BiCol, babad muna sa honeymoon phase!

Find out why Billy got speechless by Coleen!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/24/2018 in News
BiCol, babad muna sa honeymoon phase!

Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia might have postponed their Honeymoon, but that doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying the Honeymoon phase of their married life.

In an interview with Pep last Sunday, May 20, Billy implied that having made an honest woman out of Coleen might just be the best decision he’s made in his life.

"Wonderful— there [are] no other words to describe her,” the host/performer said, “She's an amazing wife, she takes care of me, she takes care of the house, she takes care of everything."

“Ang sarap lang ng pakiramdam [saying], 'Hi, this is my wife.’ May kilig every time."

However, their future brood might just have to wait as these two lovebirds bask in newly wedded bliss. They’ve just started their life together, after all, having moved into their first home early this month. Billy pressed that they’re still happy, just the two of them, for now.

“[Kids?] No, not yet. Enjoy-in na muna namin ‘yung kasal namin, married life muna,” he explained.

Billy and Coleen tied the knot in a beautiful Balesin wedding last April.

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