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5 reasons why we think Mavy Legaspi is boyfriend-material!

Bukod sa nakakapanghinang kaguwapuhan, ito pa ang mga bagay na nakaka-in love kay Mavy!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

5/24/2018 in News
5 reasons why we think Mavy Legaspi is boyfriend-material!

Maverick "Mavy" Legaspi is probably a name we're all familiar with. Mavy, son of showbiz couple Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi, and a twin to Cassy Legaspi, is making rounds on the Internet ever since he was young because of his... well, undeniably gwapo looks!

Mavy is only 17, but a lot of people are already anticipating how he'll grow up to be a man. Personally, as early as now, we think that he's boyfriend-material! He's probably one of those boys in school that girls talk and *squeal* about. 

So, we've made a list of reasons why we think he deserves a spot in all of our hearts! 

1. Have you seen a cuter baby?

Baby Mavy is as cute as a button! He fits the common Filipino phrase, "maraming paiiyaking babae in the future." Do you agree? 

2. He's close to his fambam

We see that Mavy is close to his mom, dad, and twin sister. Remember, a good son can be an indication of becoming a good family man in the future as well! (Future na agad?? )

3. Twin love!

Mavy and Cassy are so close! Basing on these photos, it looks like they can do anything together. A kind brother is a gem!


A post shared by MAVY CASSY LEGASPI (@mavy_cassy) on

4. He's into basketball!

Mavy is not only gwapo, he's also athletic. He plays basketball, so we think he'll grow up to be really fit and healthy. 

5. Mavy in a suit. Period.

Mavy and Cassy recently went to their prom, and we were blessed with a sight of him in a suit! After seeing this photos, the only next possible reaction is to swoon. <3

Can you add more to this list? Tell us why you love Mavy in the comment section below!

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