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5 celeb grooms who can give Prince Harry's 'look of love' a run for its money

Find a guy who looks at you like these men look at their wives!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/23/2018 in News
5 celeb grooms who can give Prince Harry's 'look of love' a run for its money

A groom's "look of love" is something that's priceless, and we all got a healthy reminder of this fact during the recent Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

All of us collectively sighed as we witnessed the look on Prince Harry’s face as he watched his wife walk down the aisle. The tear-soaked eyes, the small smile? It made all of our dead, cold hearts melt. And it's been widely debated but he reportedly told her as she joined him at the altar, "You look amazing. I'm so lucky." 



But you know, Prince Harry isn't the only famous man whose "look of love" has been the object of much appreciation. These five local celebrity grooms and their "looks of love" are almost equal to that of our favorite (sorry Prince William) British prince, and while these grooms might not be royals, they all do deserve titles for making us all believe in the power of love. 

1. Direk Paul Soriano

Oh, Direk Paul. Direk Paul has a special place in our hearts because he straight up crumbled to tears when he saw his wife, actress Toni Gonzaga, in her wedding dress for the first time. He also raised his hands in praise because, well, he knows he got lucky. 

2. Erwan Heussaff

We waited for Erwan's look of love for years, and when it finally came, let's just say it did not disappoint. He literally looked like he could not breathe properly, watching Anne Curtis walking down the aisle, and then like Direk Paul before him, he just started crying.

By the way, Erwan also wrote one of the best wedding vows ever, so kudos, Erwan. You rock, dude.

3. Nico Bolzico

Nico is the first man in this list whose reaction to seeing his wife, Solenn Heussaff, walk down the aisle didn't involve tears. Instead, a great big grin stretched across his face, and he looked at her like he still couldn't believe she agreed to marry him. 

Nico and Solenn have been married for two years now, and he still looks at her the same way. <3 

4. Jericho Rosales

It's been three years since Jericho's wedding to fashion darling Kim Jones, but we still can't get his "look of love" out of our minds. He'd been crying even before she hit the aisle, and when he caught sight of her? Bro. His smile, so in love and surprised and grateful. Priceless. 

5. Billy Crawford

Billy couldn't help but let tears stream freely down his face as he watched his bride, Coleen Garcia, walk towards them. Watching his face, you can tell just how grateful he is to have found The One, and just how hard he'll fight to keep her. 

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