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JoshLia will serve the 'pinakakilig' in ‘I Love You, Hater’!

Kilig x 1000 courtesy of JoshLia! ❤

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/18/2018 in News
JoshLia will serve the 'pinakakilig' in ‘I Love You, Hater’!

There’s no kilig like JoshLia kilig, and we’re super excited for all the tili-inducing scenes they’ll be serving in “I Love You, Hater.”

Even more exciting is the fact that Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto themselves got super kilig while filming the movie!

“Hindi naman namin masasabi na ito ‘yung pinaka-kilig na movie kasi nasa tao naman ‘yun, sila ‘yung makakaramdam nun… Pero ako, kinikilig talaga ako [habang ginagawa namin],” Joshua said in an exclusive interview with starcinema.com.ph today, May 18.

Julia agreed with her leading man, saying there’s no shortage of super kilig moments in the film.

“Kinikilig ako all the time… but it’s a different kilig,” she said. “I think every film offers a different kilig experience.”

Their co-star Kris Aquino agreed, and mentioned that she’s also become a JoshLia fan herself.

“Super duper duper talented silang pareho. The screen loves them, and you will love them even more sa movie na ‘to,” she said.

“I Love You, Hater” is directed by Giselle Andres. It opens in cinemas very soon.

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