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No labels for JV Kapunan and Miho Nishida yet - here's why

Kumusta ang relasyon ni JV sa anak ni Miho?

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

5/16/2018 in News
No labels for JV Kapunan and Miho Nishida yet - here's why

JV Kapunan and former "Pinoy Big Brother" housemate Miho Nishida's relationship remain good but unlabeled.

In an interview video by PUSH TV uploaded today, May 16, JV revealed that he and Miho are exclusively dating, and they don't want to put pressure on each other.

They got close because they both had a stint in the fantaserye "La Luna Sangre". But, there were speculations that they are only each others' rebound because they both came from previous relationships.

JV downplayed the rumors explaining, "More on ano po siya eh... Nagkasama kami parati. Effortless lang 'yung pagsasama namin. Kaya ayaw naming i-brag kasi parang ang light lang namin. Kaya gusto naming iparating sa fans, na we are supporting each other all the way."

"Wala pang label pero I respect her, her decisions as a mom," JV furthered, "I guess we don't want to put labels yet kasi I respect 'yung sa side niya."

Miho has an eight-year-old daughter named Aimi to a previous relationship with a Japanese national. Miho was based in Japan before she joined "PBB".

JV also shared that he and Aimi have an "effortless" relationship. "Very good, grabe, effortless. 'Yun lang masasabi ko. I love Aimi, cute niya eh, smart kid."



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And what does Aimi call JV now? "Tito JV, minsan may Papa JV."



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Miho also underwent a facial enhancement last year.

 When JV was asked if Miho is planning to add more enhancements, JV said, "Okay na siya dun. Sabi ko sa kanya, 'okay na 'yan ah? (laughs)'"

JV also disclosed that Miho is very much welcomed by his parents.

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