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Alexa, grumaduate na sa senior high school!

From child star to star pupil si Alexa!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/14/2018 in News
Alexa, grumaduate na sa senior high school!

Alexa Ilacad has proudly graduated senior high school!

The child star shared the wonderful achievement on her Instagram yesterday, May 13, and recalled all the hardships she had to go through to graduate.

“The word ‘tough’ doesn't give justice to the challenges I went through... I felt like such a failure and disappointment because I wasn't able to reach the standards I set for myself at the beginning of senior high,” she wrote, sharing how she’ll often go to school with barely any sleep because she had taping the night before.



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“Most times I wouldn't even be able to come to class AT ALL due to my schedules which made it feel impossible to submit requirements and pass... I would just cry buckets because I was so exhausted and I couldn't handle the stress of cramming,” she said.

But despite the challenges, Alexa gamely took them on and succeeded.

“This is a very proud moment for me because I thought I wouldn't be able to make it,” she said. “I proudly graduated senior high school at Treston International College, completing all my requirements, and passing them all with flying colors. Praise God!”

Congratulations, Alexa!

Alexa starred in the primetime drama “The Good Son” this year.

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