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Gary Valenciano, makakauwi na!

Angeli Valenciano shares the good news! #GaryVisGoingHome

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

5/13/2018 in News
Gary Valenciano, makakauwi na!

Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano is getting discharged from the hospital today, May 13!

After his open heart surgery last Sunday, May 6, his wife Angeli Valenciano shared that the OPM icon is finally going home.

"Last tube out! 'Let’s get this guy home,' the cardiologist Dr. Enrique Posas said! God gave me, my mom, our sisters, Samantha, my nieces, my staff, my children, and Mamita a wonderful gift," she captioned her Instagram post earlier this morning.



Angeli expressed happiness over what she considers a wonderful Mother's Day gift and urged her followers to spread the good news. 

"Gary is checking out this morning on Mother’s Day. Thank you for all the love and the prayers! Happy Mother's Day! I love you all. Tweet it!!! Post it! Praise the Lord because ~ #GaryVisGoingHome."

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