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Gary V. to dance again in 4 months?

Paolo Valenciano: "The doctor said that 'pag naka-recover na siya, he'll be able to dance again..."

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

5/13/2018 in News
Gary V. to dance again in 4 months?

Paolo Valenciano has opened up on details about his dad Gary Valenciano's recovery, the challenges in their family, and his dad's plan to get back to work. 

In a story by PEP today, May 13, Paolo said, "According to the doctors, sabi nila, for someone his age na may diabetes, he’s really improved a lot. He’s a walking miracle talaga na 'di nila naisip na ganun kabilis ang recovery niya, although from time to time, he still feels 'yung tightness sa chest niya."

Gary, had an open heart surgery last Sunday, and his recovery is going well. Paolo also shared that Gary's surgery, however, took longer than expected.

"They told us that the procedure will last four hours, and I think it lasted 6½. There were times nung Sunday na kinabahan talaga kami, but the doctors were all very positive even though there were some delays. Nobody panicked. They kept telling us that despite his age, and being diabetic for 30 years na, they cannot believe he was as strong as he was, na he was recovering that way."

Amidst all of this, Paolo is amazed at his mother's strength and bravery.
"I’m gonna give it to my mom. She’s really being the strongest one in the family right now. Right before the procedure, I mean there’s a little tension within the family. First time naming maka-experience ng ganito." 

"It was really my mom who kept us all together, who was with him. Like Gab, Kiana and I, we have work also, but we were trying our best to be there for him. But it was really my mom who was able to drop everything and stay there with him. It really has strengthened the family," he said.

Paolo said he and his siblings Gab and Kiana were used to being taken care of by his dad who was always such as a strong figure to them growing up.  

"That was a little tough but I think it brought us closer because we had to come together to really just help him do the simplest things, like from getting up on his bed to getting up. That’s the kind of experience I think that really brings the family together," he said.



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Paolo also related that Gary is thinking about the shows he left temporarily such as "ASAP" and "Your Face Sounds Familiar," but they advise him to relax and forget about work for a while.

"The doctor said that 'pag naka-recover na siya, he'll be able to dance again. They are saying mga three to four months," Paolo said,  "I’m hoping that he recovers faster because, you know, that’s what he loves, he loves to do that. This is the time also for our family to really reassess everything, kaunting soul searching."

He continued, "The doctors said after about four months, if everything goes according to plan, he might be stronger than he was before. According to the doctors, they don’t want him to dance for the next four months."

"But it looks like after a month or a month and a half, he'll be able to start singing again. He'll be able to start taping again. They just told him na kailangan siguro for the four months 'wag munang sumayaw."

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