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Alicia Vikander 'loved' James McAvoy in 'Submergence'

Alicia, mataas ang respeto para kay James!

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

5/13/2018 in News
Alicia Vikander 'loved' James McAvoy in 'Submergence'

Alicia Vikander is all praises for her "Submergence" co-star James McAvoy. 

According to the Oscar-winning actress, she had been following James' diverse work from his roles in understated films like "The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" to large studio franchises like the "X-Men" reboot where he stars as Charles Xavier AKA Professor X, and has been quite impressed.

"I was extremely happy to work with James. I've seen his work and I've admired what he's done with his career so far. I think he's very much a chameleon," Alicia said at the "Submergence" Press Conference at the 2017 San Sebastian Film Festival.

She continued, "I'm very impressed with the very different roles he takes on but how extremely truthful and real he always feels."

Alicia also applauded James' down-to-earth, happy-go-lucky off-screen attitude which is a complete 360 turn considering how serious of an actor he is.

She enthused, "[When you meet him in real life] he's a hoot, he's a very, very funny man. He's always the joker. Which is amazing because it lifts up the room, or any working space that you have, and then it's amazing to see [how] as soon as the cameras are rolling, or when you're in rehearsals, he is one of the most devoted actors you'll ever see. I loved him. I miss him." 

In "Submergence" Alicia plays Danny, a bio-mathematician working on a deep-sea diving project to explore the origin of life on planet Earth. She meets and unexpectedly falls in love with a British agent named James (James McAvoy), who he himself is on his way to a very dangerous mission. 

As they set off to their respective missions, James and Danny are subject to different kinds of isolation as they pine for each other; their determination to reconnect becomes as much an existential journey as a love story.

"Submergence" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.