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Paulo, nalilito; Derek at Bea, tutol sa Divorce Law

Derek, Paulo, at Bea, nagbigay ng opinyon tungkol sa proposed Divorce Law

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

5/11/2018 in News
Paulo, nalilito; Derek at Bea, tutol sa Divorce Law

In line with their highly-anticipated film "Kasal," Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino, and Bea Alonzo were asked about their opinion on one of the hottest topics in the Philippines, the proposed legalization of Divorce Law, at the film's Grand Media Launch last Tuesday, May 8.

"In all honesty I'm quite confused yet with annulment and divorce. So I don't wanna talk about something I'm not fully knowledgeable of," Paulo admitted.

"But since it was brought up, since it was happening now, it might happen in the Philippines, I think it's about time that I should study it," he added.

Derek and Bea share the same sentiments about it.

"Why get married if you're going to get a divorce eventually or if there's an option to get a divorce," Bea said. "Para lang naman sa akin 'to and I don't judge the people who believe in it and who are going through divorce."

Derek, on the other hand, leaves everything to the country.

"The best way to put it is if the country's ready. I think we're the only country left that's not on the bandwagon of divorce legalized. I think maybe the country is ready," he explained.

However, Derek reiterated, "I don't believe in it but I would say that I think it will happen. You know the world is such a small place to live in. It's so easy to know anything and everything about anything. If that world jumped on that bandwagon, I think we will too."

"Kasal" follows the story of Lia Marquez (Bea), a simple lass who is set to marry Cebu's most eligible bachelor, Philip Cordero (Paulo), who is currently running to clinch the mayoral position after his father's term ends.

However, things get complicated when Lia's ex-boyfriend, Wado dela Costa (Derek), returns to work for them in a project that will help Philip win the

Inevitably, feelings resurface and doubts arise.

As we get closer to the wedding day, Lia becomes unsure if she is choosing the right man to marry, torn between the man from her past and the man she's building a future with.

The highly-anticipated film, directed by Ruel S. Bayani, will be out in cinemas starting May 16!