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All of Margot Robbie’s killer outfits in ‘Terminal’

From crazy nurse to burlesque dancer, Margot has worn it all!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

5/10/2018 in News
 All of Margot Robbie’s killer outfits in ‘Terminal’

Margot Robbie always looks stunning, no matter what, but she took things to another level with her wardrobe for “Terminal.”

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly (
https://ew.com/movies/margot-robbie-terminal-costumes/#lethal-looks) last April, Margot, along with director Vaughn Stein and  costume designer Julian Day, broke down all of her killer looks (literally!) in the movie, and it’s enough to get you psyched for the movie!

The Femme Fatale

Margot’s red coat serves as the movie’s emblem, representing her character’s borderline psychotic personality,  and Julian describes it as a timeless, iconic coat that could work in any fashion era.

“I wanted to just sort of cherry-pick all the best clothes from the last century,” he said. “We tested two dozen reds just to get the exact color.”

The Seductress

Margot absolutely owned her black fur coat, serpent necklace, and blood red lips when she walked in the first scene of the trailer, and Vaughn related she made jaws drop when she first tried it on.

“She walked with a real sort of serpentine purpose, and her walk had a real noir feel to it,” he said.

The Burlesque Dancer

Craziness and sexiness perfectly mixed when Margot makes her appearance as an underground dancer, and the actress shared this was her absolute favorite outfit!

“I’m counting cash in a big fur coat with a cigarette hanging out of my mouth, and just telling these gangster guys to shut up… I loved it so much!” she said.

The Crazy Nurse

While all of Margot’s other outfits screamed sexy, her nurse ensemble was designed to bring out fear in the audience.

Julian said, “It’s a haunted, lunatic look. This was designed to inspire fear.”

The Waitress

Margot appears as a harmless waitress for majority of the film, but it’s exactly this “innocence” that sets up how dangerous she is.

“She’s a chameleonic, vengeful wraith who can transform both her style and her personality,” Vaughn described. “She can find the sweet spot in any of the men that she deals with. She can assess what they need and adapt in order to become the best possible predator.”

“Terminal” also stars Max Irons, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, and Mike Myers. It opens in Philippine cinemas on May 16.