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Kuya Kim, hindi na babalik sa ‘Showtime’?

Bakit nga ba wala na si Kuya Kim sa “Showtime”?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/6/2018 in News
Kuya Kim, hindi na babalik sa ‘Showtime’?

It’s been a year since Kuya Kim Atienza has appeared on noontime program “It’s Showtime,” prompting viewers to ask if he’s left it for good.

In a recent report by PUSH, the country’s favorite weatherman shared that he only temporarily left the show to focus on his other projects.

“I want to work on the equity that makes me strong as Kuya Kim... the ‘Trivia King’ and I would like to focus on that,” he said. “If you noticed naman after I left ‘Showtime’ my segment in ‘TV Patrol’ is much stronger, I was able to put in more effort. And [with] ‘Matanglawin’ I am able to travel now.”

Kuya Kim continued that he’s already made a family in “It’s Showtime” so he’s happy to come back whenever they’ll need him.

“‘Showtime’ is just there. It’s not naman forever, kumbaga hindi naman ako nagpaalam. Anytime I'll be needed, nandiyan lang ako,” he said.