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Can't help it, Ross Lynch is our new eye candy

This may be the cutest musical.ly video you'll ever see!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/6/2018 in News
Can't help it, Ross Lynch is our new eye candy

"Status Update" star Ross Lynch has already swooned us with his numerous performances as a singer and as an actor as well. But we guess he's really driven to make us love him even more with this Musical.ly video he uploaded on his Instagram account (@ross_lynch).

The Disney star cutely lip-synced Sabrina Claudio's hit song "Unravel Me" and it's enough to send us good vibes and make our day.



A post shared by Ross Lynch (@ross_lynch) on


Isn't he the cutest? :'>

Ross is set to make "pakilig" soon in his upcoming teen romance comedy musical film "Status Update" with fellow Disney star Olivia Holt.

The film revolves around a high-school student named Kyle Moore (Lynch), who  after being uprooted by his parents' separation and unable to fit into his new hometown, stumbles upon a social media app he discovered, which is called YOUniverse, that causes his status updates to come true.

While Kyle gets everything he wants, including the power to avenge to those who bullied him and to  impress the love of his life Dani McKenzie (Olivia Holt), with the use of YOUniverse, he also slowly becomes a victim of his own lust for acceptance and social media fame.

How will Kyle get out of the trap in his life he never realized he himself made?

Find out this April 11 when it hits the cinemas nationwide!