Sharon, inoperahan sa batok!

“Please pray for me.” Sharon still in pain after tumor removal surgery

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/4/2018 in News
Sharon, inoperahan sa batok!
Sharon Cuneta is recovering from a minor surgery to remove a lipoma (a slow-growing fatty lump according to Mayo Clinic) in the back of her neck. 
The Megastar shared in an Instagram post last Tuesday, April 3, that she decided to have it removed immediately as it had already grown bigger since the first time her yaya and assistant first noticed a lump. 
“My yaya and assistant had been noticing it for a while hanggang lumaki na that they finally told me! Natakot na. They're doing a biopsy on it, but I'm not scared. It was big!” said Sharon. 
She also mentioned that she was “still super drowsy” from the anesthesia injected to her and had been had been sleeping since getting home from the hospital. 
Though the “Unexpectedly Yours” star assured her fans that she is doing well, she admitted that she was still in pain especially when doing some movements with neck. 
“If I put my head down, it hurts. If look straight or up, it hurts. So my saving grace is just laying on either my left or right side. I sleep on my left side anyway. But it really feels weird,” she added. 
The award-winning actress then asked for prayers so that she would recover quickly and get back to the set of an upcoming project. 
“Love you guys. Don't worry about me. God bless you! Sweet dreams!” she ended. 
On the same post, Sharon explained why she chose to temporarily steer clear from replying to Instagram comments, saying that she finds it “more peaceful that way” and that her mind and heart are “resting” as well.