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Bailey to Ylona: ‘I want you’

This is what Bailey and Ylona can do together for five hours straight!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/30/2018 in News
Bailey to Ylona: ‘I want you’

Bailey May returned to the “ASAP” stage with a killer performance of the Liam Payne and Zedd hit “Get Low” last Sunday, April 29. 

Of course, the Now United member’s visit wouldn’t be complete without hanging with the “ASAP Chillout” crew, that includes Ylona Garcia. 

They make up the love team BaiLona, but have been separated since Bailey joined Now United. But when they reunited on the show, it felt like he didn’t at all leave, because the kilig’s definitely still there. 

When everyone was asked what they want for summer, Bailey looked straight to Ylona’s eyes and told her, "I want you." 

The “Sana Dalawa Ang Puso” actress later shared that she couldn’t be more proud of her former “Pinoy Big Brother” fellow housemate and even complimented his new improved talents. 

"I think Bailey has come a very, very long way. Magaling ka na sumayaw! Kayang-kaya mo na. I'm very proud, basta, like in everything. It's growth in acting, singing, and dancing,” said Ylona. 

She also added that they didn’t really miss each other much because they actually exchanged texts a lot. "There's really not much to miss kasi nagte-text naman kami." 

Bailey then revealed that he and Ylona would sometimes Facetime each other for five long hours! "I Facetimed her for five hours, [to] catch up." 

But even though technology connected them, Bailey assured everyone that they will be still spending time while he’s still here. 

"We're gonna hang out, for sure,” he said.