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Zsa Zsa writes perfect response to ageism

Here’s what the Divine Diva said when a troll tried to shame her for aging

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/3/2018 in News
Zsa Zsa writes perfect response to ageism
Listen up, everyone! 
Yes, ageism is a thing and we need to put an end to it. And we shall drag down the trolls throwing these attacks, especially to women. 
Zsa Zsa Padilla was the latest celebrity victimized by a comment meant to shame her for having wrinkles on her hands, on Instagram last Sunday, April 1. 
But being the strong and independent woman that she is, the Divine Diva didn’t let the troll get to her and instead handled the matter gracefully. 
"Yes, I see my hands every day and I know it shows my age. Should it matter? Why should growing old be thrown as an insult to women?” said the “Wildflower” actress. 
She added, “Please don't shame me for aging. It's a natural process I'd like to enjoy going through. One day, you may be lucky to grow old yourself and realize, it's not as bad as you perceive it to be." 
The Kapamilya star was lauded for this response and through her Twitter page the next day, she mentioned that ageism has been an issue in showbiz and it’s unfortunate that she has experienced it on social media as well. 
"Like I should be ashamed for growing older,” said Zsa Zsa. “There is already a problem with ageism in showbiz. Then I have to be shamed pa for having older-looking hands. Sorry naman." 
"We should love and respect older people more like we would our own mother and grandma,” she said on another tweet. 
Her daughter “It’s Showtime” host Karylle sent a sweet reply to it saying that she loves her mom’s hands just the way it is. 
“I love your hands mama! Loving, beautiful, hardworking and strong hands!!!!! Maybe not jazz hands but you’ve got cool hands!” she said.