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Here's the 'PERFECT' 'Status Update'

Disney star reveals a "Status Update" on her new film!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/3/2018 in News
Here's the 'PERFECT' 'Status Update'
"The synopsis of the film is perfect."
That was how Disney star Olivia Holt described to Hollywood News her upcoming teen-romance musical film "Status Update" with fellow Disney star Ross Lynch.
"I can't give away too much. I'm just excited," she added.
Olivia's role in the film is "like a super friend role".
"I get to play around. We shot in Vancouver which I loved, it's so beautiful there," she happily shared.
Working with Ross and "Mad Max Fury" star Courtney Eaton added to Olivia's happy feeling to have taken on her role. 
"I've never really actually worked with Ross before or Courtney for that matter. The cast is really incredible," she exclaimed.
"Status Update" follows the story of Kyle (Lynch), a Mr. Nobody high-schooler who stumbles upon a new cellphone application that will bring all of his wildest fantasies to life.
However, can he really keep everything the magical APP gave him until the end?
Find out this April 11 when this film hits cinemas nationwide!