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Ex-'PBB' housemates Gee-Ann and Mickey expecting a baby!

Gee-Ann opens up about miscarriage; reveals second "Baby Perz" is on the way!

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/3/2018 in News
Ex-'PBB' housemates Gee-Ann and Mickey expecting a baby!
Good news, "Pinoy Big Brother" fans!
Former housemates turned real-life sweethearts Gee-Ann Abrahan and Mickey Perz are now expecting a baby.
They announced the good news on their respective Instagram accounts (@geeannabrahan and @mickeyperz).
"Our new housemate is coming soon," she enthused.
Mickey posted the same photo and expressed his excitement on the caption.
"So excited! Baby Perz soon!" his caption reads.
Little did we know that behind those smiles and excitement is a secret never told.
Today, April 3, Gee-Ann revealed in a report by PUSH that she suffered from miscarriage two years ago.
"I had a miscarriage in the same year we got married in 2016," she related.
This incident totally crashed Gee-Ann's heart to the point that, "may mga taong gusto mong sapakin sa mga sinasabi." 
"Nothing is okay. Nothing makes it better. Basta ang tagal. Nananaginip pa ako gabi-gabi na nanggugulpi ako ng mga buntis. Tapos I didn’t like seeing pregnant women complain, 'yung ganun. Mas mainit pa ulo ko sa buntis," she quipped.
That heartbreaking experience is also the reason why Gee-Ann chose to keep her second pregnancy a secret.
"Actually at the beginning I was the one hesitant. Parang praning pa ako. Ayoko muna i-announce," she explained. "Siguro ayun ang dahilan kaya hindi niya pa rin sinasabi to our other friends so I won’t din muna (until yesterday)."
Gee-Ann also admitted that she's extra careful now with her pregnancy.
"We have an events management company so we do events pero medyo nag-lie low muna ako. I stepped back from that. It’s because of the pregnancy. Na-trauma talaga ako dun sa first," Gee-Ann related. 
"Not just me, even Mickey because he was more excited. He really wanted it. Nagtago ako from the world. Kahit sa social media wala ako nun," she added.
In the end, Gee-Ann revealed how she overcame such ordeal.
"I just gave myself time. Even my faith, not naman that it faltered pero I questioned a lot of things. I guess because I’ve been through a lot in life so I’ve seen a lot of people go through struggles pero it’s one of the mysteries talaga na why does it happen? Wala lang? It’s so random, parang ganun. Wala, you just stop asking. Wala ka ring makukuhang sagot," she said.
Gee-Ann and Mickey got married January 6 of 2016. They came from the "PBB" season where Beatriz Saw emerged as the Big Winner.