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Vice, natalakan muna bago matulungan?!

For sure makaka-relate ka dito sa nakakatawang childhood memory ni Vice! 😂

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/26/2018 in News
Vice, natalakan muna bago matulungan?!
We were all kids once and we all did silly things that cause our parents tremendous headaches. But hey, we were young and curious, and more often than not, it paid a toll on us. 
You may have found ourselves caught in odd situations that you know would get you into deep trouble with your friends. What’s tough is that you know they’re the only ones who can get you out of it. 
Vice Ganda got a lot of those moments back in his “Tutoy” days and he gamely shared one on “It’s Showtime” last Wednesday, April 25. 
It had something to do with their old metal gate that had railings with it, with spaces in between big enough that he could fit his head through it, but not out. 
"Pumasok ako tapos hindi ko matanggal 'yung ulo ko. Tapos hindi mo malaman kung tatawagin mo 'yung magulang mo. Kasi bago ka tulungan, papagalitan ka muna,” he said. 
When he finally got the guts to call for his mom, his first thought was to grease him out of it, while she was giving him hell for what he had done, of course. 
The Unkabogable Star continued, “Lalagyan ka ng langis. At habang nilalagyan ka ng langis at pinepwersa 'yung ulo mo, tinatalakan ka pa! 'Sinabi ko kasi sa'yo, 'wag ka naglalaro diyan! Ang tigas-tigas ng ulo mo!' Gusto mong sabihin, 'Pwede unahin muna natin 'to?! Tanggalin niyo muna ako tsaka niyo ko pagalitan.’” 
But when the grease didn’t do the job, his mom resorted to a different solution. “'Pag hindi nag-work 'yung langis lalagyan ka ng sabon. Sasabunin 'yung mukha mo. Nakakaloka."