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Moira, muntik nang ma-kidnap?!

Moira, inalala ang mapait na nakaraan at kung paano niya ito nalampasan

Cheska Espina
Cheska Espina

4/26/2018 in News
Moira, muntik nang ma-kidnap?!
Moira Dela Torre has always been identified as the talented singer who knows how to tug everyone's heartstrings and make them feel as if "may pinagdaanan sila."
She has already released a good number of her originals that conquered the charts and yesterday, April 25, the 24-year-old Kapamilya singer-songwriter paid tribute to her song "Tagpuan".
On her Instagram account (@moirarachelle), Moira shared her own "Tagpuan" story.

A post shared by Moira Dela Torre (@moirarachelle) on

Here's her full caption:
"When my parents were annulled when I was 3 and my mom got custody, my dad tried to kidnap me. LOL 
"So, to protect me, my mom and I went into hiding in olongapo where i stayed mostly indoors for the next few years. Mrs. Doubtfire was my best friend. I had the whole movie memorized. 
"Although I didn't understand what was happening then, i remember understanding that I was in a similar situation as Mrs. Doubtfire's kids, secretly wishing my dad would show up dressed as a nanny. The movie's happy ending gave me hope that I would... so I waited. 
"True enough, 12 years later, he came back into my life. No more kidnapping or hidden agendas.. he never dressed up as a nanny either but God had healed both him and my mom and i've had two homes since then. 
"One unforgettable moment happened last August in San Francisco, where we got to visit Mrs. Doubtfire's home. 
"This time spent with my dad, however brief it was, was one of the most surreal moments of my life. It was when it sunk in how faithful God really is. It was a dream to see him again in good terms with everyone, in the proper conditions. No cases. No papers. No issues. No drama. 
"That house in San Francisco became a monument for me because it was Mrs. Doubtfire that helped 3 year old me understand that love defies distance and time. I stood in front of that very house next to the man I once thought I'd never see again. 
"Now, my dad has become a man of God, dedicated to his family. He works so hard to make sure we're all well taken care of. He is a great listener. He's everyone's favorite uncle. Every night, before going to bed, he calls our family in his room to pray. 
"I know he will always see me as a 3year old, but I'm blessed that he has learned to let go, supported me, and let me be my own person-- something I know was very hard for him to do with his first born. 
"I know this is long but I wanted to make sure my dad knows his efforts never go unnoticed, that I honor him and that I feel blessed & privileged to be able to call him my father. 
"Thank you for everything, Daddy. Thank you for being God's reminder to me that just because our past was broken doesn't mean our future will be, too."
Awww. So sweet, Moira! ❤
Meanwhile, "Tagpuan" is also the higly-anticipated film, "Kasal" starring Derek Ramsay, Paulo Avelino, and Bea Alonzo, official theme song.
The film, directed by Ruel S. Bayani, will be out in cinemas starting May 16!