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Jed Madela, feeling ‘insignificant’ sa industriya?

Paano nalampasan ni Jed ang kanyang depresyon?

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/26/2018 in News
Jed Madela, feeling ‘insignificant’ sa industriya?
Jed Madela has opened up about going through depression and anxiety.
In a report by PUSH today, April 26, the award-winning singer related that he reached the lowest point in his life after feeling “unwanted and insignificant” in the industry.
“I felt na I'm not part of the circle anymore… So I guess during those times talaga I was down and I was depressed,” he said, adding that everything in his life became toxic.
“I was surrounded by the wrong people, I was reading a lot of negative things online. Siguro nagpatong-patong na,” he said.
Jed continued that the first step to recovery is to assess everything going on in your life, and to distance yourself from all the negativity.
“Hindi na ako nagbabasa ng mga comments… Dati kasi it mattered to me so I kept reading. Pero ngayon, since ‘yun nga ang nangyari sa akin na it kinda affected me, I avoided reading comments,” he said. “I try to keep my social media positive… Kasi it’s a very confusing and difficult world now tapos dadagdagan mo pa ‘di ba? One thing that I learned is to simplify life kasi mage-enjoy ka talaga ng buhay.”
Jed also credited his fans for keeping him afloat when he felt like the world was drowning him.
“It was the fans who really made me feel better, they would message me saying, ‘Kuya Jed, nandito pa rin kami.’ Personally, I don’t want to call them fans kasi nahihiya ako. They’re family to me, they are friends. Kaya sobrang importante sa akin ang mga fans ko,” he said.
As for his journey towards recovery, the singer related that he’s working towards it, one baby step at a time.
“I’m better now. I just needed time to rest I guess. I needed time to rest things,” he said. “I needed to be surrounded by the right people, by the right projects. I’m doing a bit better, not fully recovered, but better than before.”
Jed is one of the new judges in the upcoming season of “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids” this year.