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Amy Schumer, nahanap na ang soulmate niya!

Amy: "I love him...[being married] feels like not being alone."

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

4/26/2018 in News
Amy Schumer, nahanap na ang soulmate niya!
Seems like married life is pretty swell for Amy Schumer.
In a recent interview with The Guardian, the "I Feel Pretty" star gushed about getting out of the dating market when she made an honest man out of chef Chris Fisher earlier this year. Marriage, according to Amy, has unexpectedly (perhaps more for us as fans of her self-deprecating, explicitly sexual feminist humor) been a huge relief.
"I feel exactly the same as before I was married – but I’m psyched. I love him, it feels like having a partner. It feels like not being alone," she said.
Chris and Amy are both in their late 30s and had already found their identities way before hitching their wagons to each other. This was a major plus for the actress-comedian.
She enthused, "He’s 38, I’m 36, so, you know, we are not completing each other. We...just want to support and encourage each other. And so I’m psyched that I don’t have to be zipping up my knee boots, leaving someone’s apartment at 3 am. I’m done."
"This was like, oh my God I love this person, and I admire him, and we’re a team and he was ready.”
Amy's new movie "I Feel Pretty" tells a story of a regular woman who wakes up from a SoulCycle injury thinking she looks like a supermodel. It will begin showing in Philippine theaters this May 2. 
You can watch the trailer here: