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Amy Schumer, magta-time out muna sa Hollywood?

Amy, napabayaan ba ang sarili?

Chandral Selim
Chandral Selim

4/26/2018 in News
Amy Schumer, magta-time out muna sa Hollywood?
Amy Schumer has spent upwards of a decade being a force to reckon with in Hollywood, and now she's decided to take a little bit of a breather. 
The actress-comic revealed in a recent interview with The Guardian that a bout of bronchitis while shooting her last comedy, the Goldie Hawn-starrer "Snatched", served as a wake-up call that made her realize she needed to take better care of herself.
"I was driven and working and writing. Doing stand-up, you know, promoting something or filming something. I would say that, for 15 years, I was getting up at seven, going boxing, showering, going to the writer’s room all day, and having an interview during lunch. Afterward, maybe getting some sort of acupuncture before going and doing stand-up, and then having, like, 90 minutes when I could write when I got home," she said. 
"I’ve been hustling for so long, I want to take care of myself now. I got really sick and it just made me realize I wasn’t invincible. I need to slow down," she pressed.
Amy's latest outing is the body-positive comedy "I Feel Pretty" which will hit Philippine theaters on May 2. 
You can watch the trailer here: