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EXCLUSIVE: Shaina and Matteo have strong opinions on who should pay for dates

Learn about relationships from Joey boy (Matteo) and Joee girl (Shaina)!

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

4/25/2018 in News
EXCLUSIVE: Shaina and Matteo have strong opinions on who should pay for dates
Lead stars of the upcoming film “Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough” Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidicelli participated in a little game called “He Said/She Said” on their Star Cinema Chat yesterday, April 24, and things got quite heated.
The two disagreed from the get-go on the question of who should pay for dates in a relationship.
“Dapat ‘yung boy talaga,” Matteo immediately answered.
“Ako, hindi,” Shaina said. “Hati.”
This started a rather lively discussion between the two as Shaina tried to get Matteo to see her side while the latter firmly defended his stance.
“May mga instances na kung special [occasion] and then treat niya, or kung surprise niya, then baka okay. But for a normal dinner? I think it’s just proper [to split the bill],” Shaina said.
“Maybe it’s proper for the girl to say, ‘Oh, babe, bayaran ko din. Split tayo.’ But it’s also proper for the guy to say, ‘No, I’ll pay for it,’” Matteo argued. “Because it’s weird. It’s proper for you guys to say, ‘No, I’ll pay.’”
Shaina was successful in getting her co-star to say women can pay for the bill by posing a hypothetical situation:
“What if ‘yung babae ‘yung nag-mount ng surprise, then the girl will pay for it?” she asked.
“Okay,” Matteo said, which had Shaina cheering.
But Matteo got the last word in, saying, “All the boys out there - always pay for the girl’s bill,” before moving on to the next category.
They also had different stances on privacy. When asked if couples should freely give their passwords to their partners and give them access to their phones, Matteo said he’d personally allow it.
“Passwords? Sometimes I give it na if she asks,” the “Bagani” star said. “To check the phone? Sige, wala naman akong tinatago.”  
As for the question on if social media is an important aspect of a relationship, Shaina shared that she values her privacy.
“For me, hindi na kailangan idaan pa sa social media site,” the “Asintado” lead said. “Ngayon na exposed na ang lahat, I actually cherish the people or the moments na private, na kayong dalawa lang ‘yung pwedeng mag-share and you can say that you own that moment kasi nga, everything’s so out there. Feeling ko mas sincere.”
For the next few question, the two were pretty amicable in their opinions.
When asked who they thought should make the first move, they both said the guys.
“Dun ako sa guys talaga. Ayoko ng assuming na babae,” Shaina said. “Lagi ko sinasabi sa mga pamangkin ko [that] we cannot be assuming.”
“Yeah, but you shouldn’t be hard to get din,” Matteo added.
They also strongly agreed that couples don’t always have to go out together or even need their partner’s permission before doing something.
“I think when you have a partner in your life, you should still be able to do what you do all the time. Your partner shouldn’t say, ‘Bawal ganito, bawal ganyan,’ - You’re making a different person. Do what you want to do,” Matteo said, to which Shaina wholeheartedly agreed.
To this, the actress added a little nugget of wisdom: “May time talaga sa buhay natin, sa kabataan, where you’re not that secure yet with who you are and ‘yun ang pinaka-precious kasi walang pwede magregalo nun sa ‘yo, hindi ‘yun pwede ibigay sa ‘yo ng significant other mo. Ikaw lang mismo, within yourself and within your heart. I also learned na - it’s so cliche but it’s so true - you’re the only one that can complete you. You can be blessed with someone that can complement you, but not complete you.”
They also share the opinion that being open with your past and dating history when entering a new relationship is an act of respect towards your new partner.
“I think there has to be respect. As a guy, if anybody asks me, I’ll be open because I don’t regret anything,” the actor said. “I don’t regret my past, the people I loved, the people I liked, because those people made me who I am today. Without that past, you wouldn’t be right for this person today.”
“Feeling ko dun pumapasok ‘yung foundation, ‘yung friendship. If you build a strong foundation, malalaman niyo rin because you talk about life, you talk about friends, you talk about your past and your learnings. ‘Pag dumating kayo sa point na ganun, wala ng surprise in the future,” Shaina said.
To see these two in action, watch their full chat here:
Shaina and Matteo play Joee girl and Joey boy, respectively, in the Cinema One and The Philippine Star produced film. Directed by Veronica “Ronnie” Velasco and Pablo Biglang-awa Jr., “Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough” hits cinemas this May 2!