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Matteo gets real on the 'problem with millennials right now'

“[It’s about] never giving up, starting your own life...” says Matteo on his new film.

Danielle Aquino
Danielle Aquino

4/24/2018 in News
Matteo gets real on the 'problem with millennials right now'

Lead actor of the upcoming Cinema One and Philippine Star film “Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough” Matteo Guidicelli shared details of the movie follow-up to the cable series of the same name yesterday, April 23, on Star Cinema Chat.

“The title of the film is ‘Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough’ because sometimes, in some relationships, you put so much [into it] - so much investment, so much time, so much heart, so much passion - but at the end of the day, you say, ‘You know, I love this person so much, but it’s still not enough,’” he said.

“‘Single/Single’ started [with] season one and season two - now it’s a movie. There are two characters, Joee and Joey, Joee girl and Joey boy, Shaina (Magdayao) and I. It started off with two strangers moving into a condominium together tapos they built ‘yung relationship nila,” Matteo continued.  

He furthered, “End of season two, nabuntis si Joee girl. Nung sinabi [niya] na, ‘Buntis ako,’ si Joey boy tuwang-tuwa - kaso lang, hindi sa kanya. Pero sa sobrang pagmamahal ni Joey boy kay Joee girl, sabi niya, ‘I don’t care whose it is - I’ll be the father of the kid.’ That’s how much Joey boy loves the girl.”

Matteo emphasized that this film centers on the ups and downs of the millennial's life.

“The message of the film is about millennials starting their own life. You know, a lot of millennials out there, they think they know everything right away - that’s the problem with millennials right now. It can be a positive or negative thing. And a lot of millennials get depressed very fast - these are issues that are being addressed now and I think the movie tackles a lot of these,” he said. “[It’s about] never giving up, starting your own life, taking your life seriously, how to deal with different social problems and issues in life.”

“We really showcased what really happens in a millennial’s life,” he added. “It’s different. I hope a lot of people can relate and learn from it.”  

When it comes to his leading lady, Matteo had nothing but wonderful things to say about Shaina.

“Si Sha is very nice,” he said. “Finally, I get to work with someone a little more my age because everyone I work with is younger, ‘di ba? [Like] LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil)... so feeling 20 din ako. Ngayon, I feel my age with Shaina, so it’s nice.”

Watch his full chat below:

“Single/Single: Love Is Not Enough” hits theatres May 2!