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There's no getting over these new MayWard revelations

Friends, dating, or in a relationship na ba ang MayWard? Edward answers!

Doreen Penilla
Doreen Penilla

4/23/2018 in News
There's no getting over these new MayWard revelations
Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber are definitely two of the most anticipated young stars in the industry today. Not only do they shine individually, they also complement each other in their cute and super aliw love team pairing, MayWard.
The two both rose to popularity after their stint in "Pinoy Big Brother," and from then on, a lot of followers have been tracking the success of these two, whether on their respective careers and of course, in their personal *relationship*!
And last Friday, April 20, the two guested on "Tonight with Boy Abunda," where they shared a lot of new things (and revelations) about how close they really are. Read on and try not to squeal out of kilig.
1. The "I Love You" question
The show's host, Boy Abunda, asked if they have already said the words "I love you" to each other as friends.
Edward did not directly answer the question, but he gave us a big revelation in turn, saying, "I'm gonna say this, no shame, Maymay is one of the most important people in my life at the moment." 
Whaaat. But it didn't stop there. Boy then asked where in the wide spectrum of "friendship-dating-in a relationship" they are. And again, Edward did not choose among the options because he has another unexpected answer!
He said, "Partners-in-crime, on the way to soulmates, parang ganun."
2. Is Maymay beautiful?
Boy was praising Maymay's beauty in the middle of the interview. So, naturally, he asked for Edward's opinion.
The German cutie answered, "Opo, [simula nung] dun ako sa 'PBB,' hanggang ngayon." 
3. Family ties
Edward also shared that he's gotten a lot closer now to Maymay's family.
He said, "I'd say very close. As in kung may problema ako, I could also talk to Maymay's mom."
4. ELM Foundation
The ELM foundation is a non-profit organization led by Edward's family and Maymay. The whole mission of their foundation is to help and support children emotionally, give them shelter, and provide them an education. The letters ELM stand for Edward, Laura (Edward's sister), and Maymay.
Maymay shared, "Sila lang po dapat 'yun sa pamilya nila, parang sinali na lang po nila ako kasi nakita naman po nila since lumabas ako sa 'PBB,' talagang gusto ko rin tumulong. At saka mas okay po 'yun sa akin kasi mas marami po kaming matutulungan dun." 
5. Take on "5 in 45"
In the segment "5 in 45," Boy asked the two to reveal five things they know about each other. 
Maymay started and enumerated, "Misteryoso po siya. Pangalawa naman po, mahilig po siya sa music. Pangatlo, ayaw niya 'yung hindi dalawa 'yung pillows, hindi siya natutulog na hindi dalawa 'yung pillows. Observant po siya. Panglima naman po, lahat gagawin niya para lang ma-perfect 'yung bagay na gusto niyang gawin."
When it was Edward's turn, he said, "Number one, sorry, mabaho 'yung bibig mo 'pag bagong gising ka. Pero wala akong pakialam! Number two, mahilig siya maligo. Pangatlo, mahilig siya sa oversized clothes kung sa bahay lang o casual lang. Number four, mahilig siya kumain ng sweets at ayaw niya ng gulay. She doesn't like people protecting her kasi matapang siya. At matigas 'yung ulo niya but that's what makes her who she is."
Boy noted how Edward said he doesn't care that Maymay's breath stinks in the morning. He commented, "That's what love is all about."
Catch Maymay and Edward in the Star Cinema horror-comedy "DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away," that is now showing in cinemas nationwide!