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Billy at Coleen, ready nang lumipat sa kanilang dream house!

Coleen, umamin kung ano ang una nilang ginawa ni Billy matapos ma-engage!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/23/2018 in News
Billy at Coleen, ready nang lumipat sa kanilang dream house!
It hasn’t been long since Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia’s breathtaking wedding in Balesin island last Friday, April 20, but the couple is already gearing up for another big step in their lives! 
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In a report by PUSH, the former “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin” actress revealed that she and her hubby are moving in to their new house as soon as they arrive back home! 
“Actually matatapos na siya nung habang nasa Balesin kami. So pag-uwing-pag-uwi namin, we’re going to move in already and Billy’s parents and my parents will also help us move into that house,” she shared. 
They’ve bought this house for a while now, but finding it wasn’t easy. Billy and Coleen went through A LOT before they’ve finally gotten the perfect one for them. 
“So ako, naniniwala talaga ako na everything that’s been happening is God-orchestrated. Especially the house kasi nung nalaman namin na hindi para sa amin ‘yung mga bahay,” said Coleen. 
She added, “Gusto talaga namin na may bahay na after the wedding. We were looking for a house already and may nahanap na kami nung bagong engaged pa lang kami. When we got engaged what we did first since mahabang engagement, it was more than a year, so we looked for a house na para maayos na rin ‘yun.” 
They’ve been put down twice, so good thing this pair’s determination is as strong as their relationship and they eventually got what they wanted. 
“Two times nangyari na we were about to sign the deal biglang naudlot. So umabot sa ngayon. And I guess it’s all in God’s timing talaga,” said the “Sin Island” star. 
But Coleen doesn’t regret any of it. She was glad they’ve had that experience together, because they’ve actually learned a pretty good lesson from it. “Dati wala naman kaming pakialam sa finances ng isa’t isa, but then this was a really good practice for us as well. Maybe this is God’s way also of helping us learn, teaching us certain lessons din that we will need in the future.” 
“’Yung mga bahay na nakita namin before, we really gracefully let go of them and we prayed and prayed until we found this house which is so, so perfect for us. I can’t wait also to share how perfect this house is for us. Everything really happens for a reason,” she continued.