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Ian Veneracion responds to thirsty tweets about him

Ian reads: “Ang gwapo ni Ian Veneracion, ang sarap magpalahi.”

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/20/2018 in News
Ian Veneracion responds to thirsty tweets about him
Looking at Ian Veneracion sometimes feels like torture. You know, like in the best way possible.
It hurts knowing how beautiful this human is inside and out, but could never be yours. But that doesn’t mean you can’t shamelessly let everyone know how much you want to get close to him.
Yes, it’s a thing. Everyone does it on Twitter and the good part about it is? You can always find someone who’s just as naughty as you are for that celeb.
To think that the former “Pangako Sa’Yo” actor would be spared from it is almost laughable and thanks to “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” these comments finally reached him.
What’s even better is that they asked him last night, April 19, to read them himself and it was the most adorable thing we’ve seen on TV all week.
Ian started off with a good one saying, “My mom: ‘Si Ian Veneracion, parang paksiw. Ang sarap sipsipin.’”
That made him chuckle and said, "Okay 'yun ah. Parang paksiw? Sinasabi ng mommy niya ah, hindi siya."
It was followed by, "’Ian Veneracion is 40 [years old] and he is humiliating every 20 year-old 'hot' guys! Ang pogi! Ang sarap!’”
He replied, "Baka magaling lang 'yung makeup artist ko, 'yung lighting director, or baka it's a camera trick."
Of course, he’s going to play humble. This man’s got a heart of gold too, remember? But not even that can save him from a tweet like this: "’Ian Veneracion is the heartthrob for all seasons. His beauty is beyond. ang sarap po. 'Yung sarap mo po, pang all-day, all-night. Promise.’"
"May po pa!” he exclaimed after reading. “At least may respect! At least magalang."
And this one: “*While watching 'A Love To Last'* Me: ‘Pogi talaga ni Ian Veneracion.’ Mama: ‘Kung kelan tumanda siya tsaka naging cute sarap lamutakin.’”
"I think that's my target market talaga!” Ian added, “Titas and mommies. Baka tingin niya sa'kin sanggol. Bakit ang cute-cute naman nito?"
Then, "Ang gwapo ni Ian Veneracion, ang sarap magpalahi."
"Now, that's awkward!" he said and that one just made him blush.
But he laughed the loudest with this one: "DILF level multiplied by a gazillion. Juice ko, Ian Veneracion. Anakan mo ko!"
"It's very flattering, but it can get very, very awkward,” he explained later.
We’re sure he gets a ton of odd compliments like this every day, but Ian would rather not let it get to his head. This guy’s not going to turn into a jerk anytime soon.
"Of course, I'm so flattered and grateful. But at the same time,  parang ayaw ko maniwala. I don't want to start believing that. Parang nakakatakot lang maniwala. What if I start believing that I am special? I'm better than others. I don't wanna believe that,” he ended.
Catch Ian live at his upcoming concert “Ian In 3 Acts” at the Waterfront Cebu’s Grand Pacific Ballroom this April 21!