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BF steps 'out of the way' for Catriona's pageant dreams

The secret to Catriona Gray and boyfriend Clint Bondad’s strong relationship

Marty Hsu
Marty Hsu

4/18/2018 in News
BF steps 'out of the way' for Catriona's pageant dreams
Catriona Gray and boyfriend Clint Bondad could easily be anyone’s “couple goals”. 
It’s almost unfair how equally beautiful they both are, but this relationship is far from being just about the looks. 
They love one another deeply and are each other’s top supporter. What Clint thinks his number one duty as the significant other of the Philippines’ bet to the 2018 Miss Universe competition is: have all her back in every step of the way. 
“Supporting her, well you know what I think my duty as a boyfriend is just simply not be in the way. I think that’s the number one thing you know, because to be someone in her role right now talagang you have to step out of the way and to tell her to do whatever she has to do,” he said in a report by PUSH last Tuesday, April 17. 
He added, “When someone wins a national title, that’s not a little achievement and you have to take it serious and as that, I support my girlfriend.” 
That and cooking her meals, of course, as he laughingly shared on the interview. 
It’s not easy maintaining a relationship when you’re both busy, but the hunky model says there is a way. You just gotta leave each other enough space to grow as individuals and you’re good. 
“Just keep it simple and do your own task, work on your own career and I think she simply understands that she’s in that moment of her life right now,” he said. 
This year’s pageant will hail the 67th Miss Universe, who will be crowned by current title holder Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. When and where it be held has yet to be announced.