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Kisses, walang ‘official’ love team?

Kisses, nilinaw na solo artist siya!

Regina Tabora
Regina Tabora

4/17/2018 in News
Kisses, walang ‘official’ love team?
Kisses Delavin has been paired with a slew of different partners this year, but she’s made it clear that she’s a solo artist through and through.
The young star wrote on Twitter yesterday, April 16, that she doesn’t have an official love team, and that all the partners she has now, namely Tony Labrusca, Donny Pangilinan, and Niel Murillo, will soon be working with other people.
“Hello! I believe that you won't lose sight of the fact that me and the people I work with, are solo artists - no such thing as ‘official loveteam,’” she wrote.
Kisses furthered that she’s in showbiz to make people happy no matter what, even if that means being partnered with a lot of people.
“To make a positive effect in this world, one person at a time,  that's the best legacy we artists can leave in this industry,” she said.
As for those who still insist that she should find an official love team, Kisses explained that it’s not for her to decide who to work with, and that she trusts the people who make those decisions.
Kisses ended her thread by saying that she needs to tell the truth, even if it makes a lot of her fans sad.
“Mas makakatulog ako nang mahimbing now that I said the truth, sa lahat ng support na binibigay niyo I think you deserve truth,” she said.
Kisses made her movie debut with “Loving in Tandem” last year. She has also launched an album under Star Music.