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Bela, sinagot ang bumatikos sa kanila ni Maris!

BURN! Bela takes down netizen for doubting good deed with Maris

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

4/11/2018 in News
Bela, sinagot ang bumatikos sa kanila ni Maris!

When will some people realize that they can’t just get away with making sexist comments anymore? 

Times have changed, but apparently, some people haven’t. Good thing we have women like Bela Padilla that aren’t afraid to speak up and put bigots back into their hiding place. 

Just like that time she refused to be a victim of a salty comment made by some random netizen about her and Maris Racal when they volunteered to help clean the shores of Siargao during the recent Holy Week. 

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A photo of Bela and Maris with other volunteers was posted on the Instagram page @kermitsiargao and the netizen wrote, “I don’t believe the two girls in the middle will ever pick up trash 😂” 



The page replied and defended the two Kapamilya stars saying, “They did for almost 1km of beach stretch. They are very concerned about Siargao Trash situation. And they want to help.” 

But Bela also took it upon herself and hit back with, “We picked up more trash than you did for sure!” 

And that, ladies and gents, is how you do it. *snap snap snap*